Storage battery 10 kWh


Battery pack


Here’s how it works: The Storage battery comes in a 10 kWh pack for weekly cycle or backup applications. If a home or business has a greater energy need, up to 20 batteries can be assembled in clusters up to 200 kWh total. The Storage battery in connection with DC-AC converter generates up to 4.0 kW continuous AC 230 V power usage.

Battery package consists of 15 Lithium 200 Ah cells, BMS system, main contactor, current shunt, fuse and connectors (power supply, charger and DC-AC coverter control, solar control, BMS connection, BMS on/off switch). By this the battery is protected from over and under voltage, over current and overheating. On each side there is INOX handle for carrying.



  • 1 female for battery plus
  • 1 male for battery minus
  • 1 2-pin Weipu for charger
  • 1 2-pin Weipu for solar control
  • 1 RS-485 for BMS connection
  • 1 switch for BMS 0/1


Battery pack


Technical specifications:


Nominal voltage 49,5 V
Number of cells: 15 x 200Ah 3,3V
Stored energy [kWh]: 9,9
Total weight [kg]: 99
Lenght [mm]: 1100
Width [mm]: 410
Height [mm]: 220



Price is 8540€ (7000€ + VAT) with two years warranty

Expected lifetime: 12 years




DC-AC converter Omega MS for connection of photovoltaic 2 kW (60- 90V DC), grid charger 1,2 kW and power supply 230V AC 4 kW


Price of Omega MS 4 kW:

Price is 1830€ (1500€ + VAT)



Simple easy to install procedure, possible to connect to any 48V (nominal) devices such as chargers, PV systems, DC-AC inverters etc




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