Alpen Adria Energy Award

Alpen Adria Energy Award is an eco-energy oriented event that occurs yearly since 2006.

We have attended the circular drive of electric vehicles from Klagenfurt over Ljublej and stoped in Bistra. There, the cars and drivers got their energy back (ones with charging, others with food). On top of everything we got the chance to visit the technological museum wich was followed by a late night gettogether and overnighting in Postojna.

On sunday a special challange awaited – we had to do a selfie with the driver, e-car and the sea as the background. Here are our attempts:


We returned to Klagenfurt the same day (across Italy or Slovenia – as we pleased)

In the evening we got to listen to a lecture given by prof.Daniela Ganserja from the University in St.Gallen (Switzerland)

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Read more on the official site of the event: