9th Technological conference

LogoCars have changed in the last decade much more then it is seen by visual appearance. Push towards lower consumption and better emissions challenged the automakers to use sophisticated technologies to meet the standards and demands. Hybrid propulsion is now part of every car brand and in next five years the same step will be done towards pure electric propulsion. One of the realities of this paradigm shift is the increased reliance on the latest technology for diagnostics and repairs.

That is why Tecnological Conference on Maintenance of Motor Vehicles is so important. Special emphasizes will be put on car mechanics, electricity and electronics.

Technological conference is an annual meeting of vehicle mechanics, diagnostics, wholesalers, professors from technical schools and car specialists. As always, also this year the conference will be organized by ADEL technical team and Metron Institute. Novelty at this Conference will be VIP day on Friday afternoon that will be dedicated to direct contact between mechanics and suppliers.

The three day conference will take place from 17th till 19th of October 2014 in Smarjeske toplice in south eastern part of Slovenia (highway to Zagreb). Independent car mechanics and official services will be invited, so that we expect about 160 participants at the conference and good media coverage during press conference.

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