Institute Metron

Office: Alpska 43, 4248 Lesce, Slovenia

Technical center: Cesnjica 24, 4244 Podnart

Production facility: Obrezje , Jesenice na Dolenjskem 2b

Working hours Monday -Thursday 7.30-16.00

Contact number (available every day from 8:00 – 20:00):

+386 51 320 538

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Institute Metron, Electric vehicle development

 Don’t wait for the future – the future is NOW!

Conversion of classic and special vehicles to electric propulsion

Developing electric vehicles

Developing electric vehicle prototypes

Technical trainings for electric vehicles

Developing and producing charging stations and charging cables

Feasibility studies for development of electric vehicles

Technical training for maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles

Development of custom battery packs

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Metron team:

Director of operations and CEO: Andrej Pečjak

Assistant Director and Head of battery development: Nejc Šter

Head of engineering: Robert Langus

Office manager: Jasna Pečjak

Head of IT department: Samo Šter

Head of Mechanics: Matic Ostrelič

Head of Research & Development: Dejan Skrivalnik