Andrej Pecjak Named World Technology Award Finalist

Andrej Pecjak Named World Technology Award Finalist by the World Technology Network


Award Winners Announced at 14th Annual Summit & Awards Gathering in New York City


New York, NY (November 8th, 2015) – Today, Andrej Pecjak, was named a World Technology Award Finalist by the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) – a global community comprised of the most innovative people and organizations at the forefront of science and technology and related fields. Andrej Pecjak has been selected as a finalist for category “Environment”. Award winners will be revealed at the WTN’s 14th annual World Technology Summit & Awards event, held November 19-20, 2015, in the TIME Conference Center at the historic TIME & LIFE Building in New York City.


The World Technology Summit & Awards is a global gathering that brings together many of the world’s leading technologists, scientists, futurists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinkers for two days of talks, panel discussions and demonstrations that explore what’s groundbreaking, imminent, possible, and society-changing in emerging technologies. This year’s theme is “The Future: Who and What You Need to Know.”


Each year, the WTN recognizes the best and brightest in their fields and the organizations on the cutting edge of technological innovation. Recipients are voted on by their peers – the WTN Fellows, the winners and finalists from previous annual awards cycles – based on their outstanding contributions to technology, science and other related disciplines and the potential impact and long-term significance of their work. Thirty awards across all industries – from art and design to health and medicine to space – will be presented during a special black-tie awards gala on the closing night of the summit.


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About The World Technology Network (“The WTN”)

Founded in 1998, The World Technology Network is a global membership community comprised of the most innovative people at the forefront of science, technology and other related disciplines. The WTN’s mission is “encouraging serendipity” – the unexpected connections between people and ideas that result in the biggest breakthroughs. In addition to more focused events, the WTN hosts the annual World Technology Summit & Awards in New York City, exploring the emerging technologies that are groundbreaking, imminent and possible and honoring the people and organizations behind them. Past WTN honorees and speakers include such diverse innovators as Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Larry Summers, Lawrence Lessig, Gordon Moore, and LeVar Burton. For more information, visit


Presentation from Andrej Pečjak, at the World Technology Summit 2015

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