PC05X: New 3-phase mini portable EV charging station

Price € 490,00 ex.VAT METRON PC05X is extremely compact & light weight “adaptor style” 3-phase / 11 kW portable EV charging station designed to charge electric vehicles from any household or industrial socket using standard Type2-Type2 or Type2-Type1 charging cables.PC05X converts any power outlet/socket to Type2 socket/outlet EV charging station with maximum user safety features. Main

New, smaller and better Type 2 cable

Metron institute designed new ultra light and small Type 2 plugs for EV charging cables. The new design makes the cable lighter, easier to handle and it requires less space to store, which is appreciated by those with limited storage space. Weight of a 5 meters long CC05 3x20A cable with both plugs is just

Educational program: Build a charging station

Metron institute began a group project “E-Polnilnice” with three Slovenian technical high-schools, where the students attempt to build their own charging station for electric vehicles. The first result: Charging station features: AC 3 x 16 A with dynamic power control Type 2 socket DC 48 V bicycle charging point remote controlled power meter

“E-AVTO-MLADI” – a Smart car conversion project

This project was organized by Alpe Adria Green internacional, funded by Slovenian ECO Fund and realized by a collaboration of: Three Slovenian high schools: Šolski center Kranj Šolski center Škofja Loka Srednja poklicna in strokovna šola Bežigrad Jožef Stefan Institute Metron institute The Smart fourTwo was converted to electric propulsion by the high school students,