AMTRON ® charging stations

Metron Insitute became the official distributor for the AMTRON ® charging station series from Mennekes. The MENNEKES AMTRON ® Wallbox is a charging station for use in private and semi-public areas, such as private land, company car parks and depots. The charging station is used exclusively for charging electrically powered vehicles. Click here for more

10. Technological conference

This year’s Technological conference on maintenance of motor vehicles will take place at Ljubljana Exhibition & Convention Center from 16th till 17th of October. Technological conference is an annual meeting of vehicle mechanics, diagnostics, wholesalers, professors from technical schools and car specialists with highly educational contents, related to latest trends and technologies in the automotive

9th Technological conference

Cars have changed in the last decade much more then it is seen by visual appearance. Push towards lower consumption and better emissions challenged the automakers to use sophisticated technologies to meet the standards and demands. Hybrid propulsion is now part of every car brand and in next five years the same step will be

700+ km without charging!!!

Our team will drive from Bled in Slovenija till Dubrovnik in Croatia (720 to 740 km depending upon places we will visit) without charging. We will drive at normal traffic speed and not “dead slow” as most records have been set. The date is set to 11 th of October 2014 and will take 2

Sustainable mobility in Logar valley

Saturday, 28. june 2014, Solčava – With no emissions in the alps Solčava: 14.00: exhibiton of electric vehicles 15.00: Presentation of the project and the adress of mayor Alojz Lipnik 15:30: presentation of vehicles, training of drivers for driving with personal transporters competition of drvers with personal transporters test drives music: Kristina in Ana Golob Center

Nikola Tesla rally

Matic Osterlič and Mitja Lampič attended the rally with Piki 4. Read more:

Alpen Adria Energy Award

Alpen Adria Energy Award is an eco-energy oriented event that occurs yearly since 2006. We have attended the circular drive of electric vehicles from Klagenfurt over Ljublej and stoped in Bistra. There, the cars and drivers got their energy back (ones with charging, others with food). On top of everything we got the chance to