Smart and the new Mahle-Letrika 15-25 kW asynchron three phase motor
Performance: range 90-250 km, max speed 125 kmh, recharge time from 1h to 8h

Later versions of Smart have top speed 125 km/h and a bit better range. Till now 13 Smart Fortwo and 4 Roadsters  have been converted, two Fortwo fitted with larger battery to achieve range of 250/330 km.

Piki 11 finished in October 2016


Piki 12 built by group of students from three technical schools and Metron instructors in May 2017

Technical data for first Smart ForTwo “PIKI”  built in 2010


Piki 1 has a new owner (it has been sold) that lives in Pisece (near Krsko, Slovenia). The new owner is also quite well known in the solar industry as an inventor and manufacturer of the state of the art high accuracy sensory solar tracker controllers FUSIONSEEKER

Piki 1 and 2 -Pierre Hallet & Andrej Pecjak project 2010

Piki project has been stopped in Belgium (homologation was not possible because there was no law about it), but it continues in small scale in Slovenija where new Piki’s are under construction (13 pcs built till June 2017)

We managed to convert another SMART to electric vehicle in Belgium in just 5 days (from first touch till it drove the streets of Brussels)

Piki in Mahle-Letrika, where authors of its powertrain have set up the software to fit SMART.

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Piki 1 did over 300 km driving streets of Brussels in 7 days. Piki 2 did more then 100 km with the average “consumption” of 100 Wh/km. Company  Isolants Hallet has a 30 kW PV powerplant on the roof to charge electric cars

Characteristics of converted SMART:

Motor: Mahle-Letrika 15 kW, max. 28 kW
Bateries:LiPo from 13 to 30 kWh
Range (at 60 km/h and 13 kWh battery )  90 – 130 km (winter, summer) to 300 km (30 kWh battery, summer)
Max.speed: 110 to 125 km/h (depending upon version)

Conversion cost: from 14.000 € VAT included