Institute Metron’s photovoltaic power plant and sustainable integrated grid

Our renewable power plant consists of 3 different PV plants mounted on our roofs and one wind turbine attached to storage batteries

1. 3 kW PV plant at Institute roof that is mounted on tracks and follows the sun. It is now connected to our sustainable integrated grid that powers Metron Technical center , but can also charge Metron 7 directly


2. 0,7 kW power plant at our car port. It is grid connected, but can also charge directly our Smart based cars (Piki series)


3. 1,7 kW power plant at our house that is filling our island system for house


4. Wind turbine


5. DC AC 3 phase 10 kW converter that powers Metron technical center via 14 kW fixed storage battery, PV power plant and auxilliary storage batteries that serve also as electric range extenders for our cars when we need maximum range


An aerial view of the solar power plant