PC05X: New 3-phase mini portable EV charging station

Price € 490,00 ex.VAT

METRON PC05X is extremely compact & light weight “adaptor style” 3-phase / 11 kW portable EV charging station designed to charge electric vehicles from any household or industrial socket using standard Type2-Type2 or Type2-Type1 charging cables.
PC05X converts any power outlet/socket to Type2 socket/outlet EV charging station with maximum user safety features.

Main features:

  • World’s smallest and lightest Type 2 socket/outlet portable EV charging station
  • 100% in-house developed miniature FULL feature vehicle communication module inside (Micro EVSE 4)
  • Designed for 3-phase and 1-phase Mode 2 EV charging with currents up to 3x16A
  • Silver plated multi-contact Type2 power contacts ensure minimum possible heat dissipation
  • Integrated self re-settable over-temperature protection with SOFT-OFF capability
  • Built-in RCD (30mA AC + 6mA DC) with automatic self-test for maximum user safety
  • 100% all weather proof (IP67)

Recommended set and usage of adapters: AC05 and AC11

Compatibility: 100% compatible with all electric vehicles.

Visit our online store for more information and order: https://eauto.si/metron-shop/product/pc05x-3x16a-3-phase/