We are overbooked with work, so we can not work on conversions for the time being! 

Till now we have converted 16 Smart Fortwo and 4 Smart Roadsters.  Smart Fortwo has 2 options for conversion:


Since January 2017 we offer special sports conversion of Smart Roadster using synchron PM motor 50/75 kW and 200 Nm torque that offers real sport performance. Powerpiki will be presented at EVS 30 in Stuttgart in October 2017, prototype has been driving since November 2016! More info HERE

Amount of stored energy 24 – 30 kWh
Vehicle range 150-250 km
Nominal voltage 102 V
Top speed 160 km/h

Price (electric car and 1 year guarnatee included): from 30.000 to 40.000   €  + VAT. Price includes complete car with new suspention and brake parts, new wheels and tyres, special ethanol heating, seat heating, 3 phase fast charging and new electric system. Basically a new car…

BASIC CONVERSION “PIKI” (properties after conversion):

Amount of stored energy 12 kWh
Vehicle range 80 – 120 km
Nominal voltage 59,2 V
Top speed 110 km/h

CONVERSIONS OF SMART FORTWO models are no longer available!


AC 1200 €
3 phase charger 2000 €
Off grid set 3 kW 2400 €
15 kWh bat, 120 km/h top speed 3500 €



We offer conversion of oldtimers and special cars on demand. Please check our VW Beetle conversion HERE