DMC DeLorean – the last car Metron has converted

Metron started with the project of converting the iconic DeLorean to electric propulsion.

In late 2018, Metron was contacted by the Irish documentary film maker Donal O’Neill (‘Cereal Killers’, ‘Run on Fat’, ‘The Big Fat Fix’,…) and presented the project for converting DeLorean. The iconic vehicle is meant to be featured in his upcoming documentary.

Volkswagen VW1303 Cabrio

Metron institute has successfully converted a VW 1303 cabrio vintage car.

This beauty was converted in 2013 and has the following specifications:

Zastava 750

The vintage Zastava 750 was converted in the same way and with the same components as previously converted Smart cars (low voltage conversion with Mahle-Letrika conversion kit).

Vehicle has retained it’s 4-speed manual transmission, batteries are placed in forward compartment, where a fuel tank used to be and we integrated a REC state of charge and cell temperature monitoring screen.

Device Manufacturer -type
Electric motor Mahle-Letrika – AMV 7122
Controller Mehle-Letrika – AEK 1350
Charger Delta ESR 48/56 3 kW
Electric defogger 12V Ceramic auto heater 120W
DC – DC converter Hangzhou – TCCH 400 W
Batteries 14 x 3,7 V China – SLPB
ALU battery chasis Metron, ALU
Main relay and fuse box Metron, Tyco
Charging socket Neutrik AG, Liechtenstein -Power CON


Technical characteristics:
Electric motor – type AC 3-phase asynchronous
Continuous power 15 kW
Nominal voltage 51,2 V
Batteries LiPo / 84 / 51,2 V
Electric motor designation AMW 7122
Vehicle mass 605 kg
Top speed 110 km/h
Range 80 – 120 km
Time to recharge 3-4 h
Battery mass 70 kg


Special conversion – Goldoni Universal 226

This 42 years old tractor has been successfully converted to electric propulsion in June 2017.

Technical characteristics:
Electric motor – type Mahle AC 3-phase asynchronous
Continuous power  15 kW/20 kW
Nominal voltage  52 V
Batteries LiPo 7,7 kW
Electric motor designation AMW 7122
Vehicle mass  600 kg
Top speed  50 km/h
Range  1- 2 hours
Time to recharge  2 h
Battery mass  45 kg