In 2019 Metron started with the project of converting the iconic De Lorean DMC12 to electric propulsion. It is the last and ultimate car Metron has converted and in a way, this conversion leads us to our future projects and ends our 13 years of work on conversions.

In late 2018, Metron was contacted by the Irish documentary film maker Donal O’Neill (‘Cereal Killers’, ‘Run on Fat’, ‘The Big Fat Fix’,…) and presented the project for converting DeLorean. The iconic vehicle was meant to be featured in his upcoming documentary.

“Back to the future” car was finished in 2020 with the following characteristics:

  • 55 kWh battery pack (250-300 km range)
  • 4,5 kW 2 phase AC charger
  • 150 kW AC Propulsion motor
  • 1,5 kW V2H 230V AC capability

In September 2022, the owner Donal O’Neill drove it back to its “birthplace” in the North of Ireland

Since then, it serves as a promotion vehicle for Metron-EV Ltd