1. Power bank for Model S – we have developed a power bank that fits in frunk of Model S with rear wheel drive. It has 6 kWh of stored energy and can provide 4kW of constant 230V power to charge other E vehicles or use any 230V appliance.


2. ZERO DSR “Firefighter”Institute Metron has converted ZERO DSR electric motor bike into a firefighting machine which is equipped with a 100 bar high pressure pump and 2×20 liters of foam. Pump is driven by bike’s battery


3. Sustainable energy cycle – Our new vision of connection between renewable power plant, storage battery and electric vehicle, operational since 1.1.2016

4. Metron 7 – making a comfortable electric car with high range and good performances. Car is powered by Mahle-Letrika IPM motor and controller, nominal voltage is 350V, top speed 183 km/h, acceleration less then 10 s from 0 to 100 km/h. Rabge varies from 400 km (highway 130 km/h) up to 824 km (done in real trafic at 72 km/h in June 2015). Many new technologies and innovations have been used for the first time!



Mahle-Letrika PM motor for Metron 7


Above: Metron 7 as it looked like on 15th February 2014


Above:  04.11.2013, we started working on project METRON 7

Metron 7 has been operational since May 2014, till now (october 2016) it has driven 76000 electric km. In 2015 Metron 7 has set World range record of 826 km on single charge at average speed 72 km/h.

5. Battery range extender for Citroen C Zero/ Peugeot Ion/ Michubishi Miev. Additional battery containing 10 kWh of energy will expand the range for 60 to 90 km by weighting just 70 kg. Installation is done in 5 to 10 minutes without any visible changes on your car! Available from november for 6300 € + VAT


  • The battery is designed in a way that it fits into luggage compartment. Weight of both boxes is 70 kg, first installation should be done in a workshop, later it is possible to take it out or put it in in 5-10 minutes. Auxilliary battery is made of 14 pcs LiPo cells 200 Ah and has a nominal voltage of 52 Volts. This voltage is raised by DCDCconverter to the voltage of C zero and in a way it looks like the car is charging during driving by constant power of 4 kW. It has its own charger 1,8 kW, so it can be charged on 10 A household socket in 5 hours. It can not be charged by ChaDeMo and it can not store regenerative energy from original battery!
  • 15.10.2013 Tests proved successful, so we will start accepting orders. First sales will be limited to Slovenija, Karnten (Austria) and Istra (Croatia) due to workshops that are trained to make initial installation and later servicing if required.

Since 2014 we have built many Electric range extenders, also for VW E Golf.

6. 10 kWh storage battery – battery package consists of 15 Sinopoly 200 Ah cells, BMS system, main contactor, current shunt, fuse and connectors (power supply, charger control, solar control, BMS connection, BMS on/off switch). By this the battery is protected from over and under voltage, over current and overheating. On each side there is INOX handle for carrying. Project running since 2014

Ready for shipment

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