Solar van

New project, starting 1.3.2017 is a part of our broader project “Sustainable energy cycle“.

Solar van will have double battery, one permanently installed and other one removable as part of “Sustainable energy cycle”. When equipped with both batteries, the range should reach 1000 km at moderate driving. Van will be powered by Mahle-Letrika 400V 80 kW motor/controller.

The most important novelity will be solar roof that  will have 1,2 kW power at direct sunshine, so it will increase the range by 50 km/day. We are designing the van for “total efficiency” meaning best possible aerodynamics, lowest weight and most efficient components. The car will have no air intakes as we will introduce our patented EV cooling system that does not need air intakes. Weight will be reduced using titanium and carbon parts, friction using special bearings produced by NTN-SNR and efficiency by highly efficient Mahle powertrain and 260 Wh/kg battery. AC and cooling system will also be at best efficiency provided by company Nissens.