The vintage Zastava 750 was converted in the same way and with the same components as previously converted Smart cars (low voltage conversion with Mahle-Letrika conversion kit).

Vehicle has retained it’s 4-speed manual transmission, batteries are placed in forward compartment, where a fuel tank used to be and we integrated a REC state of charge and cell temperature monitoring screen.

Device Manufacturer -type
Electric motor Mahle-Letrika – AMV 7122
Controller Mehle-Letrika – AEK 1350
Charger Delta ESR 48/56 3 kW
Electric defogger 12V Ceramic auto heater 120W
DC – DC converter Hangzhou – TCCH 400 W
Batteries 14 x 3,7 V China – SLPB
ALU battery chasis Metron, ALU
Main relay and fuse box Metron, Tyco
Charging socket Neutrik AG, Liechtenstein -Power CON


Technical characteristics:
Electric motor – type AC 3-phase asynchronous
Continuous power 15 kW
Nominal voltage 51,2 V
Batteries LiPo / 84 / 51,2 V
Electric motor designation AMW 7122
Vehicle mass 605 kg
Top speed 110 km/h
Range 80 – 120 km
Time to recharge 3-4 h
Battery mass 70 kg