Record – 826 km on a single charge

On 16th of June, 2015 we set a new range record driving from Berlin to Karlsruhe on a single charge. Team Metron (Jasna and Andrej Pečjak) was participating on WAVE Trophy 2015 and while completing the Royal stage of the event (1000 km within 30 hours), they managed to break the previous year record of 736 km on a single charge. They drove 826 km on a single charge in normal traffic, with average speed of 72 km/h.

Record – 736 km on a single charge

On 11th and 12th of October we drove from Bled in Slovenia till Dubrovnik in Croatia (726 km and 5000 to 6000 meters of uphill) using our car Metron 7, without charging. We drove at normal traffic speed (66 and 63 km/h average speed including short stops at border passes, construction works on roads, etc.). We were accompanied by Igor Kolovrat and a cameraman filming the whole trip in one car and one journalist and representative from Bled tourism in another car. At the end we had to drive another 10 km to marina where we got 3 phase charging socket. So actually we drove 736 km or 460 miles without charging and there was still energy for approx 15 km of flat road left.

Rally Monte Carlo des Energies Nouvelles 2013

Metron Institute achieved remarkable success on the Rally Monte Carlo Rally Des Energies Nouvelles 2013 – RMCEN 2013.

Electric Dacia (driver Andrej Pečjak, copilot Frederic Mlynarczyk from French Lycee Paul Heraud GAP) participated in the four-day RAMCEN and won:


  • 1st place in consumption between 93 or 83 vehicles that finished the race
  • 1st place in category IIIA (electric vehicles) among the three contestants (the other two vehicles were Tesla Roadsters)

Communique Resultats RMCEN

Classement Consommation

Classement IIIA