Greenline hybrid boats

Battery pack for  Greenline 33, 40 and 48 series hybrid boats.  It consists of Lithium cells, BMS system, main contactors, current shunt, fuse and connectors (power supply, charger control, solar control, BMS connection). Therefore the battery is protected from over and under voltage, over current and overheating.

Storage battery

The storage battery for daily usage or backup applications. If household or business has bigger/higher energy demand, up to 20 batteries can be assembled in clusters (up to 100 kWh). The battery is internally protected from over and under voltage, over-current and overheating. This compact solution together with side handles enable its usage in different applications such as: island photo-voltaic systems, outdoor activities where grid power is not available, motor homes to prolong autonomy, electric vehicle emergency charging and much more.

Custom EV batteries


Custom made battery packs for our partner Emovum and their E-Ducato project.




Custom batteries for the small electric city bus, product of Esagono Energia