Fiat-Zastava 750

Conversion of the vintage Zastava 750. The vehicle has retained it’s 4-speed manual transmission, batteries are placed in forward compartment, where a fuel tank used to be and we integrated a REC state of charge and cell temperature monitoring screen.

With MAHLE-Letrika motor, controller and 15 kW battery, the vehicle can reach top speed of 110 km/h and 80 – 120 km range.

Metron 7

Metron 7 is the latest concept of high efficiency and high range electric car made in cooperation with Mahle-Letrika in 2014. Mahle-Letrika provided highly efficient propulsion (motor and controller) with 91%-96% efficiency and together with high density batteries from KOKAM (186 Wh/kg), Metron Institute was able to make a 700+ km range family vehicle, with heating and air conditioning. Metron 7 also uses additional battery packs that can serve as storage batteries at our “Sustainable energy cycle”. One of the innovative solutions is propulsion cooling with adaptive air intakes.

Powerpiki – Smart roadster EV

The new Smart roadster was converted in November 2016 and is named Powerpiki for a reason. It is our most powerful Smart converted to date. With 49 kW power and 22 kWh battery capacity, it has a solid range of 200 km and top speed of 158 km/h.


Electrification of serial production car GRECAV Sonique EV in Italy. Sonique EV uses MAHLE-letrika power-train and lithium batteries.


Conversion of Chinese serial car BYD F-O to electric propulsion.

VW 1303 convertible

Conversion of the vintage VW convertible to electric propulsion.

Goldoni Universal 226

Conversion of the vintage Goldoni tractor to electric propulsion.