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Our team (Andrej and Jasna Pecjak) attended WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) with our sports car BOLT. Scroll down to read more…

There will be a book based on WAVE 2013 available in mid 2014 – read more

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The WAVE – World Advanced Vehicle Expedition is the world’s largest electric vehicle rally, leading 1800 km across Europe in 10 days with 40 participating vehicles and teams from 10 different countries. The WAVE aims to show that electric mobility powered by renewable energies is a solution already possible with today’s technology. We decided to join WAVE because of its great importance for spreading the idea of Solar mobility.

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Metron team took second place! The last day we visited Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach and then continued through Aegust to Horgen where we took a ferry to Kusnacht. There was our final stage and awards were given. We are very happy and proud to share our second place with Manfred and Tamara Hillinger driving Tesla Roadster. First place got Team Phoenix Contact that really was the best team being always on time despite the fact they had aa car with one of the lowest ranges at WAVE.


6th july

Today Zurich became a city of the future for some hours as 388 electric vehicles gathered at EV parade that seems to become a Guiness record in the number of electric vehicles driving in a row. After the tour of the open doors started when most of those vehicles drove around Zurich through small cities and presented the joys of driving electric. We overnighted at Rheinfall waterfalls.


5th july

We spent the morning in St Gallen in a company developing new materials where we had presentation and some food. After we went to Gossau where our cars were judged and pointed according to innovations we have in our cars. We also went to a local school in Wil where we had to present innovations in our cars and children were judging us. Unfortunatelly German language is not our strong point, but at least we have a very attractive car. We ended the day in Baden where we went to a city tour by electric bikes.



It was hard to say goodbye to Arosa where we had a nice dinner and some rest in the late afternoon. After a descent we continued to Swiss Rhine valley where we stopped at 3 schools in the morning and 3 schools in the afternoon. Our cars were presented to kids (1 minute presentation) and they were evaluated. We had lunch at company Brusa that makes almost all components for electric cars. We would like to thank them for their hospitality and presentation of their charger development.  Late afternoon we arrived to Bodensee and we slept at youth hostel in Romanshorn.


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We started our day at La Punt from where we drove up to Albula pass at 2400 m. From Albula, where we made nice rainy pictures, we descended to Lenzerheide. It is a small Swiss town where we could test Flyer bicycles. Our final destination was Arosa that lies at 1700m and offers perfect skiing places in winter.


2 july

This was a long day as we had to drive 287 km from Neukirchen to La Punt in Swizerland. Some cars charged at Innsbruck and Landeck, but we just passed those cities to be on time in Sent where we had lunch. Late in the afternoon we arrived to La Punt where we ate one of the best dinners that could be served and later experienced sleeping in a bunker that has been built under a local school.


1st july

Today we did the hardest and also most spectacular day of the tour – the Grossglockner road. We charged at Heiligenblut and then continued over the pass to Neukirchen


30th june

It was a long day for some of us – 6 cars passed Jezersko mountain pass and went to Bled in our country Slovenija. Others went directly to Weisensee where we joined them


29th june

Overnight at Eisenstadt and then driving towards south west. We had slalom competition at Gleisdorf where our team took 3rd place. We stopped also in Graz and ended the day in Aibl.


28th june

Today we drive around Wienna and later visited company Phoenix Contact. We presented our cars in Baden which is aa kind of weekend place for people from Wienna. We were invitedd to Casino Baden that hosted the event there, but somehaw I had a feeling we did not fit into that dark and fancy place filled with roulettes. We also visited Monchof Windpark with its astonishing 150 m high windmills and had overnight at Eisenstadt


27th june

We left Slovenija and drove through Karawanen tunnel to Villach. There we took the train to Wienna and drove to Eichgraben where we met all the ather participants at gala dinner. Louis Palmer had a breefing there.


We charge our cars by PV system mounted on our house as it is our philosophy to drive using renewable energy. We have one grid connected or direct DC charging 3 kW PV power plant on trackers and one 1 kW island system that stores energy in 15 kWh batteries and powers the house and training centre of Institute Metron.

Bolt driving Rallye Monte Carlo des energies Nouvelles 2012. This year we won two first places!


PV1There is no substitute  for energy. The whole edifice of modern society is built upon it. It is not “just another commodity” but the precondition of all commodities, a basic factor equal with air, water and earth.
— E. F. Schumacher (1973)