Greenline 33 hybrid boat 10 kWh replacement battery pack

We offer a battery pack for all types of hybrid Greenline boats,  consisting of LiFePO4 cells.

The original battery pack is available on demand only, for former Seaway d.o.o. clients, that have lost the support.

The LiFePO4 battery package has been designed with the same dimensions and mounting holes as the original battery package. It consists of 15 LiFePo4 210 Ah cells, BMS system, main contactor, current shunt, fuse and connectors (power supply, charger control, solar control, BMS connection, BMS off/on switch). Therefore the battery is protected from over and under voltage, over current and overheating. Each side has INOX handle for carrying.

For Greenline 33 hybrid boats.

Manufactured on order.


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  • 1 female for battery plus
  • 1 male for battery minus
  • 1 2-pin Weipu for charger
  • 1 2-pin Weipu for solar control
  • 1 RS-485 for BMS connection
  • 1 switch for BMS (on/off)

Technical specifications:

Cell type 210Ah 3,2V
Number of cells: 15
Stored energy [kWh]: 10
Total weight [kg]: 120
Lenght [mm]: 1100
Width [mm]: 428
Height [mm]: 273


Warranty: 2 years

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 110 × 43 × 27 cm

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