12,8V 100AH 1,3kWh lithium-ion Battery

 671,00 inc.VAT |  550,00 ex.VAT

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  • Lower cost of ownership than AGM lead-acid.
  • Extremely low weight up to 6 times lower.
  • Integrated voltage meter.
  • Cycle life of 2-15 times higher.
  • Built-in electronic Battery Management System.
  • The battery can replace a lead-acid battery without complicated interfaces and software settings.
  • Very low self-discharge that is 10 – 20 times lower.


Battery Type LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Energy 1280Wh
Internal Resistance ≤20mΩ
Series & Parallel Application up to 4 series 4 parallel connected application
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10.0V
Standard Charge Current 60A
Max. Charge Current 80A
Standard Continuous Discharge Current 80A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current (<30min) 100A
Cycle Life > 2000 cycles at 1C 100%DOD

> 3500 cycles at 0.5C 80%DOD

Dimension (mm) 330*173*236mm
Weight 12.5Kg

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