Wallbox charging station AMTRON®

€ 1115,04 – € 2868,22

(22% VAT included in the price)

Price of the charging station depends on the series – Premium, Xtra, Trend, Standard, Basic and Start.

The MENNEKES AMTRON®Wallbox is a charging station for use in private and semi-public areas, such as private land, company car parks and depots.

The charging station is used exclusively for charging electrically powered vehicles.

  • Mode 3 charging according to IEC 61851-1:2010.
  • Plugs and sockets according to IEC 62196.

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  • Power output: from 3,7 kW up to 22 kW
  • permanently connected charging cable (7,5 m) and charging connector (Type 1 / Type 2), or with charging socket only (Type 2)
  • Support for Mennekes Charge App
  • integrated digital energy meter
  • Support for WLAN / LAN integration
  • Support for RFID / Charge App, or key switch authorization
Mennekes Charge App features:
  • Display system status
  • Remote control
  • Time-controlled charging
  • Network-controlled charging
  • Home Energy Management
  • Whitelist management for RFID cards
  • Statistics
Connector systems
Depending on the version, the charging station is equipped
one of the following connector systems:
  • Charging socket type 2 for use with separate charging cable
  • Permanently connected charging cable with charging connector type 2
  • Permanently connected charging cable with charging connector type 1
Charging socket Type 2
Type 2 plug

Type 1 plug

Available features depend on the wallbox series – Basic, Standard, Start, Xtra, Trend and Premium


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