Isolated DC-DC Converter

 398,94 inc.VAT |  327,00 ex.VAT

ipDCIS series isolated DC/DC converter applies advanced technology and is configured specifically for electric vehicles. It is very suitable to supply power to the lamp and audio system, as it is very stable and clean.

The advantages of high efficiency, stability and compact size, are achieved by adopting the advanced high frequency technology. It is sealed by silica glue to get weather and vibration proof, which ensures the stability of the vehicle in atrocious condition.

It can also be used as a charger to charge the 12V battery in the electric automobile according to the customer’s requirement.

Current equalizer is built in, which makes converter work in parallel possible in order to enlarge the capability.



Water and Vibration Proofed: All sealed by silica glue to get water and vibration proof, which is suitable for all kinds of conditions.

Input reverse polarity protection: Shut down, auto–reset.

Water Proofed Fuse: Input or output fuse, simple wiring.

No Arc: Input with no arc, can be controlled by key switch directly, without contactor

Short Circuit: Shut down with little plus current, auto–reset, ensure the wire safety.

Super-heating Cutback: Reduce output current if the temperature is over 65℃, ensure the continuous power for your car.

Input Reverse Polarity: Electronic protection, auto–reset.

Input Low Protection: Shut down, auto–reset, prevent the battery from over discharging


Yellow: Input +(1.5mm²), +HV

Grey: Input- (1.5mm²) , -HV

Red: Output +(4.0mm²), +12V

Black: Output -(4.0mm²), -12V

Green:  The key switch controls (0.5 mm²), to +HV

Installation size:

DC-DC installation schematic

Additional information

Input voltage

45 – 90V

Output voltage

13,8V @0A (can be used to charge battery), 12,0V @50A (typical)

Maximum efficiency

≥ 90%

Environmental enclosure


Shock and vibration


Safety - North America

UL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition

Emmisions-North America

FCC Part 15/ICES 003 Class A



Operating temperature

-20℃ – 60℃ (-22-122)

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