MAHLE Letrika conversion kit

 2.928,00 inc.VAT |  2.400,00 ex.VAT

The MAHLE Letrika AC conversion kit ASV 7102  is designed for those who want to build their own electric car and collect experiences with electric power driven vehicles. The kit enables self-builders to convert a car with an internal combustion engine to a purely electric car. The kit is suitable for low power applications such as quadricycles in the L6e and L7e categories and small cars in the M1 category.

After conversion, the vehicle should be homologated to meet the specific country’s legislation if the vehicle is intended to be used on public roads. It is the responsibility of the self-builder to be understand what actions are required before commencing work.

Conversion kit includes:

  • Controller unit 11. 258.460 AEK1350 H48V 400A T5
  • AC induction motor 11.217.136 AMV7122 20V 15kW
  • Harness





Supply voltage rated 48 VDC
Operating voltage range 32 V < UDC < 68 V
Over-voltage protection 72 VDC
Absolute minimum operating voltage 23 VDC
Absolute maximum allowed voltage 80 VDC


Maximum phase current *2 min … 400 ARMS
Operating mode S2 *60 min … 160 ARMS
Control electronics consumption 0.15 A at 48 VDC

* Valid when controller mounted on a rib heat sink with Rth of 0.2 °C/W at ambient temperature Tamb = 25 °C with free air circulation enabled.

Other specifications

Inverter operating frequency 10 kHz
Ambient temperature operating range -30 °C < Tamb < 45 °C
Cut-off temperature of the controller 100 °C
Cut-off temperature of the motor 150 °C
Regulation type torque control with IFOC
Communication protocol CANopen, 250 kbit/s
Protection degree IP65
Connector AMP 776087-1 (23-pin)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 207.2 mm x 164.5 mm x 79.5 mm
Weight 3.15 kg


Nr. of motor poles 4 (2 pole pairs)
Motor nominal AC voltage 20 VRMS (phase voltage)
Motor maximal AC voltage 25 VRMS (phase voltage)
Maximal motor power 15 kW for 1 min at speeds up to 2,200 rpm
Maximum motor speed 5,000 rpm
Maximum motor torque 70 Nm at 400 A (phase current)
Motor weight 36 kg
Moment of inertia 0.0226 kgm2
Operating ambient temperature from -20 °C to +45 °C
Speed sensor 64 pulses, two channels
Thermal sensor KTY 84-130
IP protection degree IP55


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