9. Technological conference on maintenance of motor vehicles

Car and maintenance for today and tomorrow – 17th to 19th October

Cars have changed in the last decade much more then it is seen by visual appearance. Push towards lower consumption and better emissions challenged the automakers to use sophisticated technologies to meet the standards and demands. Hybrid propulsion is now part of every car brand and in next five years the same step will be done towards pure electric propulsion. One of the realities of this paradigm shift is the increased reliance on the latest technology for diagnostics and repairs.

That is why Technological Conference on Maintenance of Motor Vehicles is so important. Special emphasizes were put on car mechanics, electricity and electronics.

This year’s Technological conference took place at Smarjeske toplice from 17th till 19th of October and hosted 145 people. Friday was VIP day dedicated to sponsors, Saturday was a day of lectures and Sunday more practical with practical presentations. Some technical inofrmation about Metron 7 car  that has never been released before were showed during the last day.

Photos from this year’s conference:

sponzorji skupno2


9th technological conference program

Technological conference is an annual meeting of vehicle mechanics, diagnostics, wholesalers, professors from technical schools and car specialists. As always, also this year the conference has been organized by ADEL technical team and Metron Institute. Novelty at this Conference was VIP day on Friday afternoon that was dedicated to direct contact between mechanics and suppliers.

The three day conference took place from 17th till 19th of October 2014 in Smarjeske toplice in south eastern part of Slovenia (highway to Zagreb). Independent car mechanics and official services have been invited, so 134 participants gathered at the conference.

First day (Friday) was so called VIP day dedicated to sponsors when customers came in the afternoon to see the production of Adria motorhomes in Novo mesto. After we gathered at conference halls to join the “sponsors afternoon” and vine degustation. It was meant that during two hours customers had the possibility to speak directly to representatives and technical staff at supplier’s stands. It was followed by dinner and entertainment program.

Second day (Saturday) was dedicated to lectures taking place in the conference hall, followed by gala dinner and entertainment program.

Third day (Sunday) hosted some lectures in the morning and continued with practical presentations. It ended with lunch at 14.00.

Besides professional work social part of the conference is also important as customers and suppliers meet during the informal part. When car specialists were attending lectures, their family members had the opportunity to enjoy the organized free-time activities.

The main content of 9th Technological Conference was Car maintenance in the future with emphasis on electric and electronic systems, injection and exhaust solutions to achieve EURO 6. These technologies include new materials, diagnostics, products, solutions, safety devices, regulations and standards that are going to appear in the near future or are already present in automobile technology.

Friday, 17th of October 2014

12:30 13:00 Assembly in front of Adria Mobil Novo mesto
13:00 14:00 Adria Mobil production view
14:00 14:45 Lunch
14:45 15:15 Presentation of new carhome
15:15 15:30 Transfer to museum
15:30 16:30 Museum IMV
16:30 17:00 Transfer to Šmarješke toplice
17:00 18:30 Afternoon with sponsors
18:30 19:30 Wine degustation
20:00 00:00 Dinner and socializing


Saturday, 18th of October 2014

09:00 09:10 Welcome address Adel d.o.o.
09:10 09:35 Integrated Brake Control (IBC) TRW Gmbh
09:35 10:00 Tire pressure control system TEXA s.p.a.
10:00 10:35 Filtration of diesel fuel FILTRAUTO S.A. Fram
10:35 11:05 AC compressors Nissens
11:05 11:20 Brake
11:20 11:40 Modern generator systems Letrika
11:40 12:15 Telematics in diagnostics Delphi
12:15 12:50 Start stop system with reversible alternator Valeo
12:50 13:20 Latest exaust systems for EURO 6 Walker/Tenneco
13:20 15:00 Lunch
15:00 15.25 Controlled spontaneus combustion in ICE Frančišek Bizjan
15:25 15:50 New filters Clean filters
15:50 16:15 New trends in engine lubrication -Titanium edge 3 Castrol
16:15 16:30 Brake
16:30 17:00 New gas for AC systems Waeco
17:00 20:00 Free activities
20:00 20:45 Dinner and socializing
20:45 21:00 Sweepstake
21:00 22:00 Music program
22:00 > Cake

Saturday, 18th of October 2014, Lecture hall 2

15:00 15:25 Problem of education in car service bussiness Šolski center Celje
15:25 15:50 Car servise marketing Euroservis GA Adria
15:50 16:10 Serviceability of vehicles during warranty period ŽIS d.o.o.
16:10 16:30 Brake
16:30 17:00 System E call in vehicles Metron inštitut

Sunday, 20th of October 2014

07:00 09:00 Breakfast
09:30 09:45 Bosch predavanje Bosch Gmbh
09:45 10:00 Common failures of turbocharges ŽIS d.o.o.
10:00 10:20 Generator of signales in car diagnostics Metron inštitut
10:20 10:40 Brake
10:40 12:10 Practical presentation of TEXA diagnostics Adel d.o.o.
12:15 12:35 Practical presentation of BOSCH diagnostics Bosch Gmbh
12:35 13:00 Presentation of Metron 7 -700 km EV Metron inštitut
13:00 14:30 Lunch
15:00 Conclusion of 9th Technological conference