11. Technological conference on maintenance of motor vehicles

“Connected by knowledge”

11. Technological conference and Avtomotive spare parts trade fair 2016 took place on 14th  and 15th of October 2016 at the Ljubljana Exhibition & Convention Center.

We, Metron Institut and GMT Group (Adel, Anet, Sec Lubes),  are very pleased to announce the 2016 Conference on Maintenance of Motor Vehicles. We enter the new decade confidently partnered with the GMT Group In-house Trade Fair.

In collaboration with automotive suppliers over several years, we have shared the latest knowledge focused on technological developments of the automotive industry, and the most recent trade skills necessary for the maintenance of contemporary vehicles. Past participants who have greatly benefited from this information include hands-on technicians, professors at professional schools, and students.

With rapidly advancing technological developments, today’s vehicles possess very complex computer and electronic systems. In order to service these sophisticated vehicles, mechanics need to have a broader base of knowledge than in the past, and the appropriate tools that will allow them to service current models, as well as those required by future upgrades.

The 11th Technological Conference, combined with the GMT Group In-house Trade Fair, provides a perfect opportunity to refresh your auto maintenance knowledge, acquire information about new technologies, as well as meet the suppliers and obtain information about their sales programs. Over the years, we have also observed that these conferences serve as a social venue for casual conversation and the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants.

Jasna Pečjak, Metron Institute


ADEL and Institute Metron organized 11th Technological conference at hotel Šmarješke spa in south eastern part of Slovenija. Technological conference has been organized every October since 2006 and is dedicated to motor vehicle maintenance.

This year’s  novelty was VIP day on Friday 17th of October. We visited production of campers in Novo mesto and IMV museum. Afterwards there was a social gathering of sponsors and participants, with wine tasting of the best local wine.  VIP day was due to limited capacity available only for one third of participants.

Afternoon Saturday lectures were held in parallel, thus enabling participant to choose from more practical or more theoretical lectures. Saturday evening was dedicated to social gathering that was held till early morning hours.

Sunday 19th October was a day with more practical working and presentation on cars on hotel platform using TEXA and BOSCH diagnostic tools. On Citroen DS3 Valeo Start/Stop system was presented. World record holder for longest distance driven with one charge on traffic roads Metron 7 was being presented and technology behind the car. Attendants also saw and drive a super sports electric bike from minds behind Rimac super-car. Bike has a powerful 12kW electric motor and drives like a motorcycle.

Companions spent their time more actively and on Saturday morning flexed their legs with guided Nordic walking. Afterwards there was apiary tour with wine tasting in the vicinity of the hotel complex. Afternoon offered a guided tour of the surrounding area with small train. On Sunday morning there was an animated tour of the castle Struga.

At this moment we would like say thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors for their support and at the same time would like to invite you to participate also on the next year’s technological conference, which will take place on October 2017 in Murska Sobota.


Friday, 14th of October 2016

14:00 15:00 Registration of participants
15:00 15:10 Opening of 11th Technological conference
15:10 15:30 How to change self adjusting clutch KS Tools
15:30 15:55 Electric clutch Schaeffler
15:55 16:30 Test procedures and diagnostic devices for diesel injection Delphi
16:30 16:50 Coffee break
16:50 17:20 Relations between repair shops and insurance agencies Krapenc in odvetniki
17:20 17:50 Electronic brake systems of today and tomorrow ATE
17:50 18:00 Coffee break
18:00 18:30 Diagnostics of wide band oxygen sensors Febi Bilstein
18:30 19:00 Valeo Electric Supercharger Valeo
Departure to Austria Trend Hotel
19:30 20:00 Reception
20:00 –:– Formal dinner

Saturday, 16th of October 2016

09:00 09:35 Electric system in a modern car Topla TAB
09:35 09:55 Panel fuel filter Sogefi
09:55 10:30 Innovation in drive systems and climatisation for future Scenarios MAHLE
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 11:20 Timely and efficient repair with single components in the aftermarket MEYLE
11:20 11:40 New water pumps with external bearing METELLI
11:40 12:10 Chain distribution system SKF
12:10 12:25 Coffee break
12:25 12:55 TRW emergency steering assist TRW-ESA
infoPractical part of the Technological conference is scheduled in the afternoon hours as part of the Automotive parts trade fair
15:00 –:– Conclusion of the 11th Technological conference