12. Technological conference on maintenance of motor vehicles


12th Technological conference on motor vehicle maintenance, was successfully concluded in Murska Sobota. Two day conference with this year’s motto “Knowledge, which shapes the future”, attended more than 200 participants from automotive industry.

The main focus of this conference, organized by GMT/Adel and Metron institute, is the exchange of knowledge and experience between aftermarket spare parts manufacturers and vehicle maintenance service providers.

Common viewpoint of everyone involved in vehicle maintenance process, is that modern vehicles have increasing amounts of advanced equipment, which require trained specialists to maintain.

Besides successfully diagnosing complex faults, which requires wide specter of knowledge and experience, these same faults need to be efficiently removed with correct usage of tools and systems, without which the maintenance and repairs of modern vehicles is practically impossible.

Only with this kind of professional approach and by following the tool manufacturer’s instructions, we’re able to ensure suitable level of safety and compliance with variety of regulations.

For years now, the annual Technological conference is a meeting place of experts with high attendance, which will only grow in the years to come, by following the latest trends in automotive industry and transport in general. Importance of vehicle maintenance will only grow with the implementation of more and more advanced technologies and lately self-driving systems, which will require even more strict and rigorous maintenance.

Statements about Technological conference from event organizers:

Matej Žinkovič, organization committee chairman and marketing manager at GMT group

The main purpose of Technological conference, is to connect on one hand the industry professionals, the aftermarket spare part manufacturers, who know exactly the technical specifications and installation procedures. And on the other hand, the clientele, customers from all over Slovenia and even Croatia, who have or will have encountered their products.

Mechanics can pose questions directly and share their experiences from practice, both positive and negative, while the manufacturer representatives can relay the information they gather, to suitable departments in their company. Thus both sides benefit.

Primož Rožnik, technical training manager at GMT group

We try to support our customers with information to solve problems they face in their workshops today. On the other hand, we try to inform them what to expect in near future when their work will change significantly. With the choice of lectures and workshops we gave them a quick glance in upcoming changes in automotive industry and maintenance. Changes will include electric vehicles, telematics, self-driving cars and others. Errors will be deleted before major damaged will occur and not after.

Andrej Pečjak, CEO of Metron institute

On this Technological conference, I wanted to clarify how the maintenance of electric vehicles will be like. Mechanics are well prepared for the emerging electric vehicles, but they fear them too much. Working on electric vehicles will be less dangerous than working on conventional engines. I am noticing their fear, that electric vehicles won’t need maintenance, which will leave them without work. There is no need to fear that, because manufacturers always ensure that there are some unwelcome surprises and more faults then necessary.


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Previous program schedule

Saturday, 24th of March 2018

8:00 9:00 Participant registration  
9:00 9:10 Opening of the 12th Technology conference GMT – Metron
9:10 9:40 Brake system evolution Brembo
9:40 10:10 Meyle parts and joint play tester Meyle
10:10 10:40 Wheel bearings, CV joints and driveshafts SKF
10:40 11:00 Questions and answers  
11:00 11:15 Coffee break  
11:15 11:45 Present and future of electric and hybrid vehicles Metron
11:45 12:15 Maintenance and safety procedures with electric and hybrid vehicles Bosch
12:15 12:45 Diagnostics and adjustment of cameras and radars (ADAS) Texa
12:45 13:05 Questions and answers  
13:05 14:15 Lunch  
14:15 14:45 Nexus Academy and vehicle telematics Nexus Academy
14:45 15:15 DSG gearbox double dry clutch Schaeffler / LUK
15:15 15:45 Diagnostics for automatic gearbox Ecap
15:45 16:05 Questions and answers  
16:05 16:20 Coffee break  
16:20 16:50 EGR valves Pierburg
16:50 17:20 DPF filters and FAP additives ing. Peter Caserman
17:20 17:50 Cleaning DPF filters and air intake manifold cleaning Magneti Marelli
17:50 18:10 Questions and answers  
20:00 > Dinner with live music from Blue Planet group  
21:00 21:15 Raffle  
21:30 22:00 Cake  

Sunday, 25th of March 2018

7:00 9:00 Breakfast  
9:00 9:30 Timing chains and replacement procedures Febi Bilstein
9:30 10:00 Special tools for timing belts and timing chains installation SW Stahl
10:00 10:20 Questions and answers  
10:20 11:00 Coffee break and transfer to GMT workshop (Noršinska 31, Murska Sobota)  
11:00 13:00 Practical presentations:  
      Composite discs, mono-block calipers Brembo
      ADAS systems adjustment and diagnostics equipment TEXA
      EV charging features Metron
      Bosch diagnostics Bosch
      ES3 and ATF Extra Pro demonstration Magneti Marelli
      Automatic gearbox diagnostics Ecap
      Replacing timing belts and chains Febi Bilstein
      Timing belt and chains replacement tools SW Stahl
      Double dry clutch DSG gearbox Schaeffler / LUK
      Suspension joint play tester Meyle
13:00 14:30 Catered lunch at GMT d.o.o., Noršinska 31, 9000 Murska Sobota  
15:00 Conclusion