Charging cable 3-phase 16A

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Premium quality charge cable, optimized for use with electric vehicles.

Suitable for 3-phase charging with 16A maximum charging power.

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Cable properties:

  • Resistant to microbes, oil, dust and water
  • Special charging cable design for long service life
  • 5 x 2,5 mm2 + 1 x 0,5 mm2 flexible bare copper conductors class 5
  • German quality product specially designed for electric vehicle charging
  • Withstands high mechanical stress, in particular abrasion and sliding demands
  • Available in orange and black color
  • Flexible bare copper conductors class 5
  • EPDM Elastomer compound insulation
  • Power cores, color code cores according VDE 0293
  • Special PUR antiadherent outer sheath
  • Working voltage 450/750 V
  • Operating temperature, range -40°C to +90°C
  • Single phase 1x16A

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